SET. Your Staffing Solutions Tool.

Spark’s SET experience design software is being utilized by private destinations, hottest hospitality brands, and the world’s leading cruise lines to plan effective staffing assignments throughout itineraries.

With this feature, teams can schedule staff efficiently and effectively within the Canvas. Users are also able to track staffing in the Calendar and Report Visualizations.  

The Canvas - Interactive Modeling Tool

-    Provides visual of events on property filtered visually by target guest segments

-   Provides ability to assign staff per event whether that’s before, during or after the event occurrence

-    Provides ability to assign a function or the action the staff performs so staff as well as operations teams can keep track of how staff are utilized


Staff CalendarsA Deeper View of Staff

-    Instantly generates shareable PDF staffing calendars or itineraries

-    Provides visual of events staff are working

-    Provides visual of staff involvement length per assigned event - because staff are not always working the entire duration of events

-    Provides insight into which target guest segment the staff member is fulfilling

Staff Reports Staffing Simplified Through a Filterable Lens

-    Instantly generate a shareable PDF staffing report

-    Provides visual of staff involvement length by event

-    Provides insight into how your staff are utilized or the function they are performing

-   Provides insight into how many hours a day staff work

-    Provides insight into how many hours per trip/week (duration depending on project type) staff work

Through optimizing your staff utilizations, teams are able to deliver a better guest experience and ultimately improve the bottom line.