SET. Your Programming Insights Tool.

SET Canvas 2.png

Spark’s SET experience design software is being utilized to plan for effective revenue, ambience and guest satisfaction.

Right now, experiences in retail, hospitality, and gaming feel mass-produced and not targeted to the guests on property. As more and more guests demand personalized experiences, hospitality companies are realizing a desperate need for a more tailored approach with the design and planning of experiences. SET enables companies to create ideal programs that meet their guests’ needs.

 How does SET do this? Within the Canvas, users view activations or events that happen throughout the property. Tagging events by target guest segments enable users to easily view where and how particular guest groups are activated, which in turn reveals insights on guest movements. SET’s Canvas also shows where over   or under-programming occur – opening the door for programming teams to make informed decisions.

 Once users have analyzed the guest experience through this lens, event patterns and correlations appear. Using these insights, users can gather best practices on how to activate their brand’s guests on property.   

Below are a few of the insights SET’s Canvas tool quickly reveals:

·       Under Utilized or Mismatched Venues

o   Add additional programming to these venues. When the programming feels mismatched to the space, rebranding the space maybe necessary.

·       Underperforming Revenue Areas

o   Leverage SET’s Blueprints and Calendars to conceptualize activations, driving traffic and revenue to stores and other outlets

·       Events Competing for Same Audience

o   Shift events in the Canvas so that these guests have the opportunity to attend both events and not have to choose between the two!

·       Events Ending Simultaneously

o   Shift events in the Canvas so end times do not happen simultaneously.

·       Lack of Entertainment Leading to the Main Event

o   Give guests the maximum amount of exposure to entertainment offerings through strategic programming.

·       No Entertainment Leading into Dining Times

o   Program entertainment around busy dining times.

·       Lack of Clear Inclement Weather Plans

o   Leverage SET’s duplicate project feature then filter the ‘inclement weather’ tagged activities to easily understand what events and what segments will be affected and accounted for and plan alternative schedules.